We are an outsource business development company. We do B2B/B2C sales & digital marketing. Depending on your needs we find the best approach to help you find clients/customers for your business.


Every business has its specifics and in order to gain customers/clients the process of business development should also be customized. That’s what we do.

B2B /B2C Sales 

We help you find the best partners and clients for your business. We examine your business model and look for the best suitable match. We aim to excel in listening and understanding you and your business needs.

Digital Marketing 

In order to do the above, we often dip into the world of digital marketing. We do Google Ads and social networks campaigns – Facebook Advertising, LinkedIN Marketing Solutions, Instagram Business, etc.

Website Development 

We also do fast and easy, low-budget websites, built from ready-made templates, such as WordPress. If you are a small business and you need a contemporary-looking solution, with a limited budget at hand – we’re here for you. See some samples of what we did for small businesses.

3D Concept & Design

We work with prominent architects and designers, who excel in 3D visualizations. Check out the latest project we worked on together – a premium co-working space.

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For info on prices consult our basic price list. 


So, what prices do we charge? It may all depend on the project, but here are some basic estimates.

B2B lead generation and customer acquisition

Ranges from 5-10% of a successful deal. We charge only when we deliver.

Digital Marketing 

It may vary per campaign, but prices start from a €100 for a basic set up. Or you can sign up for a subscription-based model where we will be maintaining and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Website Development

The simple websites, based on a ready-made template cost from €200.

3D Concept & Design 

Prices starting from €50 per render and a discount for a complete project.


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We love WooCommerce

When Behub Business Development has to develop a website for a retailer with an online shopping cart we turn to WooCommerce! Their plugin for WordPress is amazing. It provides everything you need from the shopping catalogue, through the cart, to the checkout page and several after-purchase extras.  Be sure to check them out if you …