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Web Development

We Design Experience.

Web design is not a pretty package.

It’s what people remember.

It’s user experience.

It’s what we do.

Designing experience for the web.

Experience, Lifestyle, Solutions

You don’t sell a product or a service, but you sell the experience, lifestyle, or solution behind it. 

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Digital Marketing

Because you need to sell

No matter how great your product or service is, you always need to sell. One way or another it’s a process, which is ingrained in every business. We help you sell to everybody, everywhere, all the time. 

Google Business (Maps)

Although Google Maps may initially sound strange when we speak of digital marketing, it is actually vital to the web popularity of every business. If you've noticed the first thing that comes up in your google search on the right side is the Google Maps (Business) profile of the business,

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Mail Marketing

MailChimp is the leading mail marketing platform. It provides its users with automation of mail communication, subscription based services, newsletters, etc. When you receive a confirmation e-mail when you've purchased something online, you've been served by a similar platform. For all businesses aspiring to be up to date with contemporary

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LinkedIN Marketing Solutions

LinkedIN has lately become a super efficient B2B (business-to-business) digital platform and as such has provided great marketing tools. Since LinkedIN also provides one of the best SEO for your business with big search engines it is also another must where you have to register your business. Our LinkedIN solution

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Google Ads

Google Ads, or previously known as AdWords, is still the king of search ads. This is the gold mine of Google and it is rightly so, because it connects the sellers and buyers in the most relevant time and way. If your business has industry-specific keywords and terms, slang, etc

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Instagram Ads

Instagram has proven to be the other heavy-hitter in the digital marketing industry providing a serious punch for the money. With Facebook they're the platforms, which manage to serve the most impressions to the most relevant people for the least amount of money. If you're a business, you should be

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful platform when it comes to advertising. We do very precise audience selection, which improves the efficiency of your campaigns, while keeping the costs down. You can define the correct audience by demographics, interests, or past behaviour. We offer different posting plans for sponsored content on Facebook.

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Our Team


Martin Petrov

Founder / Web Design / Business Development
After graduating from AUBG in 2010 worked as a freelance graphic designer, invested in US tech stocks for a few years, sold expensive stuff on the UK & US markets for big corporations and finally came to what loves doing - design.

Vladimir Valkov

Partner / Business Development / Digital Marketing
Graduating from the University of Texas, Vlado worked in finance and banking in the US before coming back to his home to work for one of the bigger FMCG companies as an external business consultant.

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