A short note on CRMs

Have you ever fallen into the track where you want to implement a “sophisticated” software solution, only to realize it doesn’t provide the most basic functionality you need?

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I am speaking with our recent experience with notable CRM systems. Besides them being free forever, but only to a limited extent, there is this other thing, which bothers me the most. There are all the bells and whistles someone thought you might need as a customer, but you use them just 10% of the time, if ever… The rest of the main work, which takes about 90% of your time is actually handled poorly. You get all the unnecessary statistics and spammy information as if you want to harass customers instead of really connect with them. No, I don’t want to reach out to customers every time they open and click somewhere in a mail. I don’t want to sound like a lame AI bot, which chirps up at every single interaction – “Hey, John, ready now? What about now? Talk to me, now..maybe?”. You get the idea.

The issue, as I see it is that often we are being sold over-engineered solutions. Just so that we have the “worth” for our money. Software companies are sometimes overly eager to add unnecessary stuff just to show that it’s possible and they can do it, but does it really solve an essential problem for somebody? There is a reason why clean and minimalistic design has so much appeal.

As it is CRMs look like they emphasize quantity management, not quality. We want to be managing our customers, not managing our tools of management. That’s it.

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