A website for a musician in New Orleans

We are happy to say we are on the final run to complete a website for Georgi Petrov – a musician in New Orleans. We are just adding the final touches and helping him update the content on the site. Check it out at: www.georgipetrovmusic.com.

Georgi himself was heavily involved in choosing the design and color pallette of the website, which reflects the current trends in the music haven of New Orleans.

In 2011 Georgi moved to New Orleans, an experience which has shaped and altered his personal and professional life in many surprising ways. Musically, New Orleans has been a blessing, especially its community of musicians and courageous sympathetic creators. Among those are: Loose Willis , Taylor Smith and the Roamin’ Jasmine, Aurora Nealand, James Evans, Meryl Zimmerman, Charles Brewer Trio, Panorama Jazz Band

For more info check out the page! Thanks!