Partnership with and an upcoming event in London

We are happy to announce a partnership with with whom we’ve been working for the past year on a few projects together. The guys from Rainmaker and Simon Feek especially, specialize into getting high-level introductions, corporate sales trainings, and making business relationships work.

They have set up the first Bulgarian/UK Insurance, Financial Services, and Technology Gathering , which will be held this year in London on the 21st of May. We’re proud to say we’ll be attending the event.

From the UK, Rainmaker has teamed up with industry event specialists Westrade (OSX 2019) and Market Minds (Insurance3.0) who are leaders in Outsourcing and IFT events in Great Britain generating thousands of connections and millions of Euros in new business for those that attend. Both parties are using their extensive experience and contacts to gather as many decision-makers from the UK markets to attend the event as well as a host of expert speakers to provide the most relevant content for Bulgarian and UK joint operations.

The Bulgarian Embassy in London is also supporting the event and we will announce VIP speaker/s soon.

Find more about the event here and reserve your spot.

Winning projects by presenting a demo

We did exactly this with our clients from Avalon Group. They’re the official importer of a famous German brand of beers and a Dutch brand of sauces.

How do we win potential clients into becoming current ones? By doing our homework and presenting a working website at our meeting. Why do we do that?

Because it’s a lot easier to present a working demo of the product you want to sell, show it’s features and let the client play around with it. It also facilitates the process of price negotiation, because as the seller you have something to back up your words with and to show what you’re charging for. Can you imagine how hard it is to declare a hefty price tag, but you have only a white paper to show for it?

Building a demo site for clients also facilitates the consecutive process of web development. When you have a starting point and design principles, it’s easier for clients to give you feedback. You basically help them out materialise their vision.

Here’s the sample demo we built for Avalon, which was perfectly to their taste. We will update the website once the official site is live and running.

Do you like our approach? Get in touch with us and let’s get you a demo site now free of charge!

Fixed rates for digital marketing

While most local companies charge a percent of a client’s budget, say 10-15 % of the net budget, we prefer to charge a fixed rate, based on the actual work we do.

Why is that? Because often the incentives of the marketing agency and their clients become misaligned in the former model. It is often the case that marketers splurge a bigger budget and do not make it as cost-efficient as possible, just because they will earn a little bit more when the client’s net spend is significantly higher.

Our charges depend on the volume and complexity of the work we have to do to set up the most cost-effective campaign for you. From then on, if you deem reasonable, you can roll a 6-figure amount. It’s all the same to us and we won’t charge you a 5-figure fee. Seems fair enough, right? 🙂

Google Analytics

When we develop a website we deliver the whole package. We don’t just build bit by bit, here and there. A fragmented digital space is not an efficiently working one. This is why we integrate all the necessary services for success. We utilize the resources of Google Analytics, link them to your Google Ads account, we build in the Facebook Pixel and in general develop a wholesome digital experience with the help of social media, maps, etc. This is the way to do it! 🙂

KPA Law’s site update

KPA’s website will be redirected to another hosting provider and the domain will be transferred, which may result in temporary interruptions of the web page.

Why are such transfers necessary? Because we look for the best bang for the buck for our clients. We try to find the most appropriate service at the best price. We choose the most secure hostings allowing for flexibility and creativity when creating a website.

Sounds good? Get in touch so we can find the best service for you, as well.

Updated Digital Marketing Page

Greetings, social media gurus, wizards, and witches! 🙂

We’ve updated our digital marketing page and we are hoping you would give it a check. If you’re a business owner or a representative looking for digital marketing services, you’re at the right place. Check out what we offer and pick your choice(s).

We support all the major social media channels, Google Ads & Business, plus MailChimp.

New sales strategy for web design services open to everyone

Hello, people. 🙂

We like to do things our way, which is why we have embarked on a new, unorthodox sales strategy, which is giving a substantial cut (commission) from our web development projects for referrals, which lead to a successful contract. In other words, if you send us a client for a web design project, we give you a 10% cut from the final value of the project. Whoever you are, no contract beforehand necessary.

Why so? Because it’s a win-win-win situation for us, the client, and the person who serves as the liaison. We’re currently developing our portfolio and we prefer to share some of the benefits in order to get more authentic word-of-mouth marketing.

We’ve already completed a few projects on this principle, so it is active as of now.

Do you know somebody who’s been looking for an excellent web development services at an affordable price? Give them our contacts and let’s get together and discuss it. 😉

Best regards,

Behub Business Development

The DNA of successful content

We’re not social media influencers or thought leaders on any platform there is. Actually, we might be, hands down, the worst at this. Acknowledging our lack of authority, however, we like to read and learn from the best. This is why we bring you the report on the DNA of a successful post, produced by LinkedIN and Buzzsumo.

What’s better for your content – shares or backlinks to your site? That depends on the strategy you have in mind. If you are looking for a short-term buzz go with the former, but if you want to acquire long-term credibility go with the latter.

Check the full analysis for more useful insights like this!

Click on the link above to download the report for FREE from our Google Drive and be sure to spread the word to people you think might be interested.