One of the 1st partnerships

Okay, here it is!

Prep You are a Brit-owned cool company dedicated to providing way more interesting and adrenaline-filled team buildings than the usual hold-hands-in-the- forest-stuff. 🙂


The company has extensive military experience and offers various trainings for the private security sector, as well as team buildings for businesses. PrepYou also works with Nu Boyana Films and helps them select and train the extras for big picture movies, who shoot in Bulgaria regularly. Besides being a great experience and facilitating real teamwork, a day at the range has proven to be an awesome place to have an impromptu meeting between CEOs, who would have never talked to each other otherwise!

The company has some quite interesting projects in the pipeline, which we’ll be promoting, so keep an eye out.

Check out their site and let us know if you want us to arrange you a meeting with them or mail them at: