Prototype website builds

As of this week we have started a new proactive business practice. It is building a sample website prototype for clients, which we send along with the official offer for the project.

Why bother? Because people have a hard time imagining how their website will look and feel by just reading a few design guidelines on a pdf file. They have an even harder time shedding any amount of money for this without first seeing some type of demo.

Here’s why we developed this fresh looking prototype for a potential client – 24/7 entertainment, one of the biggest event management companies in Bulgaria. They’ve organized various events amongst which was Iordan Iovchev’s final show in Arena Armeec Hall.

You can visit the proto site at: and see some of the screengrabs below:

Does this practice sound appealing to you? Get in touch and we’ll build you one.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂