This GDPR thing…

Okay, since occasionally we might have to deal with some personal data, like mails, names and phone numbers we have made sure that we do it securely and properly.

Disclaimer: Mostly Behub Business Development works with company mails, names and phone numbers and prefers to do so, but from time to time we might have to contact you personally. We do not share your data with other agencies and companies and you have full access and control of the data. If we use it, it is only to contact you and communicate with you with relevance to business purposes.

Here you can find access to all the official documents we have prepared with our legal department for GDPR regulations and practices. This is the consent form, which you can fill in and send to use when you want us to store your data.

In the link above you can find all the information relevant to the issue, but in case you are short on time and nerves, just contact us and we will reply to your inquiry ASAP! 

We don’t make money off of your data and we will not share it with 3rd parties. If we collect it is solely for communication purposes and it is stored digitally in an encrypted 2-step verification storeplace.

That’s it! 🙂

person holding silver keys