Vakarel Forrest

The last site we wrote a blog post about is the one about Bathroom Repairs, which was late summer. The next one after it is Vakarel Forrest, which is a website dedicated to the place near Sofia for active leisure and entertainment.

The last few years lots of places like this have been coming up in Bulgaria and the owners of Vakarel contacted us for the creation of a website and a digital campaign to promote it in the autumn.

The design of the website was chosen by us and we presented the client with the ready vision, which they found very appealing. At first, we wanted to create the design alongside the client, but due to heavy workload on behalf of the client they weren’t able to choose a design.

What do we often see when working with people that run a business? That they have very limited time to dispense to the creation of the website and sometimes even the writing of short texts for the website may stall the project. Often it sounds easy to choose a design or a template for a website, but it is a lot harder in practice, because people get overwhelmed with choice and are afraid to make a mistake. That’s why our role as designers is super important to give guidelines and help people on this journey.

Vakarel Forrest was one of the projects that was a real pleasure to create. Having the freedom to choose the design for the website and create it from scratch till the end is very empowering.

This practice of choosing the design and guiding the whole process has proven to be a lot more beneficial to all parties involved. It’s better to show the client what they need, even though it may not be what they want.