Winning projects by presenting a demo

We did exactly this with our clients from Avalon Group. They’re the official importer of a famous German brand of beers and a Dutch brand of sauces.

How do we win potential clients into becoming current ones? By doing our homework and presenting a working website at our meeting. Why do we do that?

Because it’s a lot easier to present a working demo of the product you want to sell, show it’s features and let the client play around with it. It also facilitates the process of price negotiation, because as the seller you have something to back up your words with and to show what you’re charging for. Can you imagine how hard it is to declare a hefty price tag, but you have only a white paper to show for it?

Building a demo site for clients also facilitates the consecutive process of web development. When you have a starting point and design principles, it’s easier for clients to give you feedback. You basically help them out materialise their vision.

Here’s the sample demo we built for Avalon, which was perfectly to their taste. We will update the website once the official site is live and running.

Do you like our approach? Get in touch with us and let’s get you a demo site now free of charge!