About Me.

The first step

Research and site photography

Site visits and location-specific photos help understand places and the life within in the best way in order to begin with early concepts about composition and morphology. Research and conversation with clients allow to communicate spatial and experiential ideas and to find out the opportunities that are ahead.

Experted Area

The best things I do.


I believe architecture comes as a vocation. Therefore it could create emotion, statement, lifestyle. Great results come from the meaningful synthesis between all elements, which form the character of the building, including its relationship with the surrounding.


The purpose of my designs is to connect with the atmosphere and seamlessly blend in with the exterior feel. I aim at creating interiors that combine functionality and continuity, while capturing the sense of space and enhancing the building’s finish.

Building Information Modeling

BIM brings together all of the information about every component of a building, in one place. It makes it possible for anyone to access that information for any purpose, e.g. to integrate different aspects of the design more effectively. Better project coordination and collaboration are just some of the benefits of using BIM processes.

Visualizations & animations

Architectural visualisations and animations are a necessity for representing the qualities and concept behind any project. See how your idea will come to reality!

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