Borsa 1

“Борса 1” is an online wholesaler for hygiene products. We realized their project from idea to completion in a matter of a month. The website sports an eCommerce option with a fully functional online cart, inventory management, backorders, etc.

Besides doing the site, we also did the product photography. 🙂

The website is a big upgrade from their previous online experience, where the online cart was just for appearance and if they had a product with variations it was not possible to select it from a drop-down menu, but a new “product” was created for every single variation (size, color, volume, etc.) You can only imagine what a mess that is…


We added features for adding a promo code to every purchase, calculating the price with and without taxes, calculating shipping costs, etc – all that boring, but important stuff.

Do you like their website? They do A LOT. Feel free to get in touch with them and see what they think of our services. If you like what you see get in touch with us and let’s discuss YOUR website.

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