Panic Frame

Panic Frame Travel are an unorthodox travel agency. They’re a bunch of adventurers that will take you to the most breathtaking places and will keep it interesting for you.

Initially we started re-working their old website, but of course it was easier and a lot better to build a totally new from the ground up. So that’s what we did. Why? Because it’s always better to provide more than you promised and deliver outstanding results. 

The website has a great clean design with minimalistic approach, white spaces and great visuals. That’s what’s necessary to impress your people. Throughout the website you can see entrance animations, fluid forms and well-balanced harmony between effects and functionality. 

The programmes of all the trips have been made according to a set of guidelines and we have a day-by-day breakdown of all the destinations. All of them are accompanied by great photos.

Check the website out, they LOVED it!

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