Google Ads

Google Ads, or previously known as AdWords, is still the king of search ads. This is the gold mine of Google and it is rightly so, because it connects the sellers and buyers in the most relevant time and way. If your business has industry-specific keywords and terms, slang, etc it is super-useful for you to be on Google Ads. Your monthly marketing budget should always allocate some part of it for search ads, because it is efficient, it improves the visibility and rank of your business with the search engines, and is a constant stream of inbound inquiries from customers.

Our Google Ads offer to you:

  • Analysis of the keywords relevant to your business;
  • Creation of several keyword groups and creation of separate ads for each one of them;
    • Depending on your business this might result in 10 or more separate ads, each one responding to a specific service/product you provide;
  • Use of phrase or exact match for the keywords in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs;
  • Copywriting of the ads;
  • Ads redirection to specific landing pages on your site;
  • Creation of your Google Ads account, if you don’t have one, and linking it to our manager account;
  • Integration of the analytics into the source code of your website;
  • Creations of sitelinks for each one of the ads;
  • Custom audience creation based on demographics, interests or behaviours;
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