The Fit Life is a blog dedicated to spreading the idea that balanced nutrition and exercise are possible for the average person and they do not entail fancy, expensive organic foods or training all day long.

Look through the pages and read through the blog to learn that The Fit Life is actually easier than you think in some domains and harder in others.






Fit is a lifestyle. It is a set of principles, which includes basic knowledge of nutrition, training, and awareness of your body’s bio-mechanics. You should know what you eat, but most importantly – when to stop. I’ll lead you through this and if you work with me I will give you scientifically backed principles, which work.

Getting shredded for a couple of months is possible, but that’s not what counts. Are you going to be still shredded two years from now? Will you keep that top shape for years to come? Will you be able to fit in a strenuous training and diet regimen in your daily routine? Will you get depleted from all that effort? Are you going to be enjoying life during that time? That’s what counts.


The right nutrition is the basis of it all. Without the building blocks of a healthy body you are just running as a hamster on a spinning wheel. Bad diet cannot be overcompensated with exercise. This is pretty sad, but that’s the way it is. You have to take into consideration this real-world fact. Otherwise it is just spinning the wheel without achieving the body and fulfillment you would like.

There are a lot of basic principles in nutrition, which remain foreign to most people, yet we are constantly being promoted the next “healthy super-food”, which will pretty much solve all our nutritional deficiencies and probably solve all our other issues in life, just as an extra. Healthy diet doesn’t work this way. No single food is good or bad. It’s the overall diet, the combination of all foods we consume and their quantity, which actually matters. No, the carbs are not your enemy. Nor are the fats. It’s not that simple. 


Here’s the crux of the deal. If you want a healthy body – you have to train all your life. You have to move. You have to be active. Just like the fact that you have to eat to sustain yourself. So, having this fact in mind think about it – how can you be active all your life and not be tired from it, keep it up and be enthusiastic about it even after 20 years from now?

The short answer is that you should train a little, but enough, engage all your major muscle groups, and have various activities, which you can switch around, so that you don’t get bored.

The best approach I would advise everybody is a mix of resistance training with a limited time duration and a plethora of other activities, which can vary in intensity and function. The latter is more likely to be a combination of recreational sports or activities, which burn a lot of calories and keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

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