How fast will I lose weight?

I often hear this question. It seems to be super important to people. But does it really matter? What’s your other option? Do you have a diet, which is guaranteed to work, will retain you the results, and you’re just picking the fastest option to the end goal? Highly unlikely.

People look for the fastest way to losing weight, because they often want to do it until a certain date, event, etc. But those shortcuts to success are actually taking you longer than if you do it the proper, balanced way. Trying to have a “lifehack” approach to this business doesn’t give you an advantage. It is not only guaranteed to take you longer time, but can also perpetuate the slowing down of your metabolism, which is caused by all the flash diets that come and go.

Is the normal way of losing weight – learning the nutrition basics, putting in the discipline, work, and organization, but achieving success worse than never achieving the goal? What’s wrong with that?

There are no shortcuts. The only thing that you do with flash fad diets is slowing down the process, if not completely losing the will and ability to actually do something long-term.

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