Prototype website builds

As of this week we have started a new proactive business practice. It is building a sample website prototype for clients, which we send along with the official offer for the project.

Why bother? Because people have a hard time imagining how their website will look and feel by just reading a few design guidelines on a pdf file. They have an even harder time shedding any amount of money for this without first seeing some type of demo.

Here’s why we developed this fresh looking prototype for a potential client – 24/7 entertainment, one of the biggest event management companies in Bulgaria. They’ve organized various events amongst which was Iordan Iovchev’s final show in Arena Armeec Hall.

You can visit the proto site at: and see some of the screengrabs below:

Does this practice sound appealing to you? Get in touch and we’ll build you one.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

Website for an artist

We finally finished the website for the bulgarian ceramics designer Emilia Emileva. The website underwent several design changes until we clarified the wishes of the client. In the gallery below you will see several of the designs we made through the process.

The webpage took lots of customization and coding to be finally as clean and as simple as it looks now. Take a look at the website and let us know if you need a website yourself!

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year, everybody! We wish you lots of good experiences, lots of successful projects both personally and professionally and most of all good health and humour. 🙂

We’ll be updating our website with what happened recently in the coming days. Talk to you soon.

Website for an online wholesaler

Happy to announce that we finished the website for an online wholesaler. The website is complete with an online cart, inventory control, backorders, planning and scheduling of promos, promo codes and what not! 

The cart is super-functional and the website provides many opportunities for focusing on selling. There are few widgets to return the customer to their cart or showcase the products in promo. 

Be sure to check it out and contact us if you want your own retail website!

We love WooCommerce

When Behub Business Development has to develop a website for a retailer with an online shopping cart we turn to WooCommerce! Their plugin for WordPress is amazing. It provides everything you need from the shopping catalogue, through the cart, to the checkout page and several after-purchase extras. 

Be sure to check them out if you need to develop a website with a shopping cart. We <3 them. 🙂